Education in place of child labour

Lotuscrafts stands for social justice and respectful coexistence. With our donation to the association 'terre des hommes', we support projects in India that protect children from violence, slavery and exploitation.

Logo terre des hommes
The children's relief organisation terre des hommes is an independent association that has been working for disadvantaged children worldwide for over 50 years. The aim of the association is to create an " Earth for Humanity " by supporting orphans and refugee children as well as young victims of war, violence and abuse. terre des hommes sees itself as a children's relief organisation that consistently aligns its work with children's rights. The organisation of self-help projects as well as the care, education and training of girls and boys in schools and child protection centres is realised with experienced project partners on site.

Child labour in the textile industry

With numerous weaving mills, sewing factories and dye works, the city of Karur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is dominated by the textile industry. Despite compulsory schooling in India, thousands of girls and boys do hard work under inhumane conditions. Instead of playing or going to school, the children sew, pack, wring or mix dangerous chemicals. Even if the wage for an 11-hour day is less than 80 euro cents, the children's additional income ensures the survival of poor families. In India, the caste system and discrimination against girls also make access to education and income difficult.

Offering perspectives

One terre des hommes project involves cooperation with the „Fair for kids“initiative, which since 2009 has built a school centre with boarding school and a training centre. This is where the Indian project partner Psycho Trust prepares former child labourers to attend regular school. In another shelter centre, the children can play, do sports, paint or take part in theatre workshops. Young people receive training in tailoring and textile design. At events, parents are also taught the importance of an education for their children. In the past years, more than 28,000 children and adolescents have taken advantage of the services offered by Psycho Trust.

Our products, manufactured according to GOTS criteria, come from those regions in India where terre des hommes has been campaigning for children's rights for many years. We at Lotuscrafts have therefore decided to support the worldwide project work of terre des hommes against exploitative child labour, especially in India. For every meditation cushion sold, we are happy to donate 1 € to this cause that is dear to us.