We inspire and connect people who practice meditation and yoga with high quality, beautiful and ecological products.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular in the increasingly complex, accelerated and digitized world as a practice to come to inner calm, to promote a relaxed and happy attitude to life or to deepen a spiritual way of life.

We at Lotuscrafts want to inspire people to practice meditation and yoga and offer high-quality, ecological products.

The name Lotuscrafts stands for values that all our products have in common: beauty and high-quality workmanship. It should be a pleasure to look at, attack and use our products. At the same time, from the beginning to the end of the production chain, as well as in all work processes, we pay attention to resource-saving handling of people and the environment.

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Simply better for people and the environment

Large amounts of artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used worldwide in the cultivation of conventional cotton. About 25% of the world's insecticide and 10% of pesticide use is in cotton cultivation, although this represents only 4% of the total arable area. For each T-shirt, for example, about 150 grams of poison land on the cotton growing fields. Excessive use of chemicals reduces soil fertility and pests become more resistant.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown in accordance with established standards. Controlled organic agriculture prohibits the use of toxic and non-degradable chemical-synthetic pesticides and fertilizers so that soils and groundwater are no longer contaminated. The use of genetically modified organisms is also prohibited.

People who work in textile factories are also exposed daily to toxins from conventional cotton processing. Since we do not want to support these practices, we have decided to have our products GOTS certified. Lotuscraft's products that contain cotton are therefore manufactured whenever possible from substances that comply with GOTS organic guidelines.

What is GOTS?

GOTS stands for the "Global Organic Textile Standard." GOTS takes into account the entire production chain, from raw material extraction on the organic cotton fields to packaging. Every step of the work will pay attention to environmentally friendly processes, health-friendly materials and social standards.

In addition, the social standards of the ILO (International Labour Organisation) are regarded as a minimum standard and guarantee fair wages, occupational safety and freedom of association, protection against toxic chemicals, prohibition of forced labour, child labour, as well as ill-treatment and discrimination. But GOTS goes beyond that, for example, fire prevention and evacuation exercises are also required.

Animal welfare is also supported by the use of fibres from controlled biological animal husbandry.